Personal training


Personal training with trainer at World Class fitness

What is Personal Training?
It means training under the guidance of an experienced personal trainer who cares about your personal needs, health, and helps you achieve the goals you desire. Personal trainers motivates you, inspire you, advise you, and assist you.
It is based on a personal approach, taking into account your medical condition, available time, and your personal wishes and goals.



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What do you get with personal training?

  • professional guidance and feedback,
  • training plan according to your goals, schedule, and health condition
  • individual approach
  • initial measurement and continuous assessment,
  • basic knowledge of fitness and nutritional principles
  • professional approach without health consequences


Osobní trénink



Introducing the INTRO package

Your current training is not enough for you anymore? Looking for an inspiration? Do you need further motivation? Want to move your workout to the next level? Do you have any health restrictions? Concerned about the risk of injury? Is it your first time at the fitness centre?
Our response is an INTRO package of trainings with a personal trainer. Five lessons for 45 minutes with a personal trainer. Take advantage of our special offer and purchase the INTRO personal training package for only 2 499, - CZK at the reception of your club.