Said About Us


Klára Spilková
Profesional golfer

As a professional golf player I need to stay in shape to keep up with the European top players.
That´s why I have been training regularly already for 4 years at World Class with my trainer Jirka Fiřt.
Health Academy is not only a gym, it is a place where you love to go to and always leave with great energy.



Eddie Stoilow
Czech pop-rock band

Eddie Stoilow the band has been able to work on their physical condition to be able to survive long tours and large gigs!
We rock'n'roll thanks to World Class!



Martin Gardavský
Man of the Year 2011

My target is to wake up every day with intention doing my best to be better tomorrow.
At work and free time as well.
That is why I visit World Class, because I know, that with their services I will be always one step forward.
World Class is not just a gym, it's a lifestyle.
Thank you



Art Edition dance company
Czech dance company

As a professional dance company, we spend a lot of time in rehearsal rooms. Thanks to comfort and home and friendly atmosphere in World Class, we are more free to be productive and creative. We thank World Class for our physical fitness, body harmony, and years of support.



Filip Renč
Actor, screenwriter and director.

I have tried many fitness centers, but in the end I chosen World class and have been attending this center for many year’s.
World Class has a tremendous atmosphere, a clean environment, state of the art equipment, and an excellent training staff.
I trained with Vladimir Korbel who put together for me a complex training program for the entire body and mind. In turn, this kept my mind healthy and clear which is what I need for my scriptwriting and directing work.