Trainer of the month




Meet our personal trainer of the month: Tomáš Chrástek

Tomáš has been working at World Class Wenceslas Square as a personal trainer for more than one year, but he has been in fitness industry for more than five years.
Since he was 6 years old, he has been involved in sports that are his passion and form a substantial part of his life. First, he devoted himself to football, from which he gradually switched to fitness. Therefore, Tomáš specializes in gaining muscle mass and decreasing body fat, but he can also help his clients gain physical endurance and explosive power. Tomáš worked with a personal trainer himself and competed in a fitness competition within the category of Men physique.
Tom´s motto in training is: "Most people prattle, they want to look better, but not everyone wants to do something!"



Simona Fiřtová

Meet our instructor of the month: Simona Fiřtová

When Simona studied at the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport, she had no idea that she will become a trainer and fitness instructor. She wanted to be a basketball coach and engage with youth. Now she enjoys that she has a job that is her hobby and fits wonderfully with her family. She has worked at World Class since 1999, first as a receptionist, then as a personal trainer, instructor of Schwinn Cycling, Lift it, Circuit training, Pilates and later Bodypump. To ensure her job did not become monotonous, she began to teach children to swim.

Her personal motto is: It is important to exercise and help clients in everyday life. She wants to make them feel comfortable before training, and after as well. In everything she attempts in life, she tries to find a balance. Work is needed to balance rest, city to landscape, Bodypump to Pilates or Yoga maybe...



Meet our trainer of the month Tomáš Mikula:

He has been devoted to fitness for 16 years, and is an active IFBB bodybuilder.
He specializes in strength training and the associated muscle mass. He can also help you with the reduction of fat. Thanks to the experience of his own pre-competition diet, he can assemble an optimal eating plan for each individual. In his own workout and diet he applies the principle of Charles Poliquin.

If you decide to change your lifestyle, you'll find him in the World Class Health Academy. Stop dreaming about your goals and go achieve them!






Petra Weigeltová

Meet our instructor of the month: Petra Weigeltová

Petra has been with World Class since 2002. She is the leading instructor of group lessons, but she also works as a personal trainer. Petra utilizes her excellent educational skills in her many classes as well as in the training and development of new instructors. Among various training facilities and organizations where she is active, she also works for the Czech Chamber of Fitness Professionals within the Chamber of Commerce.
Exercise and a healthy life-style are both her profession and her hobby.

Here's Petra's message to all of you: "Thank you for your favor and for making my classes permanently crowded. I love being with you and I look forward to each and every class. I'm very happy and honored to have been picked again as Instructor of the Month for the month of December. I wish you happy holidays, lots of love, and good health. And in the new year lots of energy to make all your dreams come true!



Eduardo Cabo

Meet our instructor of the month Eduardo Cabo:

He started more than 6 years ago with Schwinn Cycling education while following the philosophy of training with heart rate monitor and planning his personal trainings based on targets. With such dedicated preparation, he has been able to lead cycling marathons within the Czech Republic, cycling races in Spain for more than 200kms, and indoor cycling events in Europe for up to 11 hours without stoping!!
He became a runner, cyclist and swimmer; nowadays he is preparing himsef to run in marathons and Ironman events.
I don´t know where the limit is, but I know where it is not. LIVESTRONG“

Eduardo will be saying goodbye, because he is returning to Spain. Our World Class team wishes him many great achievements during his lifetime.

If you want to say goodbye to Edu, come and enjoy his last marathon in World Class, on Sunday the 4th of October 2015.


Nikol Rychnovská

Meet our trainer of the month Nikol Rychnovská

During the past 8 years, she has been professionally dedicated to sport aerobics under the leadership of Radka Hanáková. She then devoted three years to kickboxing in the category of semi-contact, where she even represented the Czech Republic.

Sport is her life and she can’t imagine being without it. Her goal is to motivate her clients, because every training session she participates with them. Nicol believes that two are always better, and that sparing is one more kick.







Nahal Smrčková

Meet our instructor of the month Nahal Smrcková:

Nahal Smrčková has 13 years of experience in group training classes.

Everything she gets involved with, she does with love and passion. Since her childhood, she loved to dance and be involved in anything active. Starting with ballet, then professional ice figure skating, and lastly with a degree in sport sciences. After she earned her degree, she continued with Aerobics, Yoga, and a Body Pump education. Nahal does all of these with pure passion and does not believe in failure or quitting! Her life motto is "You can achieve anything that you want! Just don't give up on your dreams, do it with love, enjoy it, and feel good!"




Veronika Kratochvílová

Meet our trainer of the month Veronika Kratochvílová

Sport is a substantialpart of her life. In the past she was copeting in volleyball and softball. During her work she focuses on proper technique and correct posture execution. She specializes mainly in functional training, which simulates common motions, circuit trainings, workouts on TRX, Bosu, exercises using the kettlebell and last but not least, exercise on machines, which is suitable for strengthening of individual muscles. Veronica´s aim is a satisfaction of her clients as well as achieving their goals. An important part of her work is nutritional counseling and the preparing of individual eating plans.






tereza Beránková

Tereza Beránková

Meet our instructor of the month Tereza

For Tereza movement is an important part of her life since childhood. She has tried a lot of different activities, including dance, floorball, skiing or group lessons such as aerobics, kickboxing, Zumba, etc. In 2006, during her long-term stay in the US she met with yoga and immediately fell in love with it. As she says: „Exercising yoga has brought a lot of changes and benefits into my life, especially great feeling of good health and balanced body. “
Tereza graduated in Natural Sciences and she works as an environmentalist. Practicing yoga complements beautifully with her profession in many ways.





Meet our trainer of the month Diana

Diana Döményová is one of our personal trainers working with clients at the Health Academy and Wenceslas Square clubs.
Her goal is to help her clients change their lifestyle, to provide them with professional advice on their way to achieving their goals, and to motivate them toward their best performance.
Diana can offer expert, and professional advice. She wants her clients to learn correct habits regarding fitness and lifestyle. When training, she like to place emphasis on using the proper posture, the right exercise techniques, as well as the proper method of breathing. Diana offers a wide range of training possibilities including rehabilitation techniques, stabilization and functional exercises, CrossFit, outdoor training, and outdoor running.
Her methods and approach to work comes from her education and professional career. She also benefits from her practical experience as a gymnast.




Petros Kubla

Meet our instructor of the month Petros.

The dance was the key and way how he got into the fitness world. Couple of years he was focusing on dancing as a sport, mainly Ballroom dancing, both Latin & Standard category. Through this experience he became a Zumba fitness instructor.





Lunga Jakub Lunga

Meet our personal trainer of the month Jakub

With his clients Jakub Lunga focuses on elimination of back pain, muscle imbalances and dysfunctions resulting from ingrained stereotypes of life. Mostly from occupations with little activity and unilateral sports. As a result there is also fat reduction and the overall improvement in the physical condition. His training with clients contains predominantly functional exercise that simulates the movements of everyday of life, so that the training will be fun and very effective.







Vojta Lacko

Meet our instructor of the month Vojta.

Vojta Lacko is a professional dancer and choreographer with 18 years of experiences. His choreography in the style of Disco Dance, Dance Show, Parquet composition, Hip Hop, Street Dance is highly appreciated in various dance competitions both at home and abroad. His greatest achievements include: the champion, runner-up finalist, semifinalist in dance competitions such as Championship of Czechoslovakia, the Czech Championship, World and European Championships. He also won various awards and titles in the Slovak Republic, Russia, Hungary, Poland, Germany, Italy, Spain and France.


Jerrel Jerrel Feller

Meet new World Class trainer

My name is Jerrel and I am a professional sprinter. I am currently preparing to compete in the Olympic games in several sprint events. I am experienced in training athletes, but also have trained clients whose goals include increasing their fitness and losing weight. If you want the attitude and tenacity of a professional athlete, then I am the right trainer for you! In my trainings, I like to use the latest methods of developing fitness along with advising you how to eat better and how to allow your body to regenerate faster.




Marek Vodák

Meet our trainer of the month Marek.

Hello everyone, my name is Marek Vodák and I work as a personal trainer at World Class Wenceslas. I have specialized in general fitness and body building for the past 6 years and I have focused on gaining muscle and muscle shaping of the entire body. Also, I can help you to reduce weight and plan meals to fully reach your goals. Since the age of 6, I have been racing a high level of BMX, so I can help you with getting faster, building explosive strength, and obtaining endurance to prepare for competitions.




Michal Effmert Michal Effmert

Meet our swimming instructor Michal and make yourself at home in water!









Alex Zubarjev

As a master of martial arts (Wing Chun), I am ready to train you in the art of Qi-gung (chi-kung), Zen meditation, and self-defense.





Radek Soukup

My belief is that Physiotherapy is the starting point and foundation needed for personal training. As a personal trainer, my belief is that physical development needs to be built upon a solid foundation which physiotherapy offers to me. I believe that personal training should be the next step that follows immediately after recovery.

Therefore, I believe the optimal direction is to combine the benefits of fitness, physiotherapy, and enrich the knowledge of Chinese medicine.

I received my education from the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport within the Charles University Department of Physiotherapy. Now I am currently studying Chinese medicine at the TCM Institute In Prague.

Daniel Matouš

Fitness and motion in general is a lifestyle for me, a mission which brings to me the feeling of pleasure and replenishment. Satisfied clients is the best motivation and reward for me. I believe the care you invest in your health is the best life investment!

My fitness goal is to help my clients in long-term period not only about the fitness and nutrition but I also want to change their approach to their own bodies and to improve their lifestyle. I particularly focus on individual approach, efficiency and diversity. During the workouts I concentrate mostly on "core" and the exercises with body weight such as TRX, BOSU, medicimballs, kettlebells etc.

Adam Ptacek

Longtime representative of the Czech Republic in the pole vault.
He was a participant in Athens Olympics, and currently holds the Czech Pole Vault record.
At the end of February 2014, Adam decided to expand our range of personal trainers and hand you his vast experience gained during his professional and amateur career.
Adam specializes in athletic training and functional training.